Stop Acting Like a Piece of Garbage

and take this short crash course to lower your footprint right now:


  • Use What You Have To Its Fullest
  • Switch To Zero Waste Alternatives
  • Give Up Single-Use Plastics
  • Buy/Make Natural & Toxic-Free Products
  • Compost & Recycling As Much As Possible
  • Hide Yo Trash Can & Let It Be The Last Resort
  • Switch To A Plant-Based Diet
  • Avoid Palm Oil, Fast Fashion, and Other Harmful Things
  • Save Resources Like Energy, Water, and Paper
  • Look for Sustainable Materials When Buying New
  • Always Choose Ethical Brands & Products
  • Vote With Your Dollar; Root For Green
  • Spread The Word, Volunteer, Contribute and Donate


We live in an RV with our 6 furbabies

We’re an eco-conscious couple hitting the road and discovering the best green choices for our every day decisions.

We’re bringing the best brands, products, and materials to you, so you don’t have to spend hours researching. We spend all day doing that for you!

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