DAY 59 | Cold Water Only

Before I proceed to ban wonderful hot water from my life, I want to preface that this is for laundry, handwashing and doing dishes.

Cold showers are not something I want right now.

Now is there is a concern for sanitation. And please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe cold water for average cleaning is fine.

I’ve been cleaning clothes in cold water for years, so that’s not scary. The only thing about washing my hands in cold water that concerns me is the cold water. My hands are going to freeze.

The only thing that is slightly concerning is the dishes because I’ve been taught countless times that you must clean dishes with hot water. If I don’t, I may die.

But if cold water is good enough to clean clothes, isn’t cold water enough to clean dishes?

If salmonella and e-coli are the worries, I am less at risk for contracting these viruses. I don’t get into contact with raw meat, and I don’t cook eggs.

So unless we get another Romain lettuce health scare, I should be good.

yeah… i should be fiiiiiiinnnneee, lol!

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