DAY 70 | Cat Cleanup

I had to take my baby, Teah, to the vet today.

Now he gets car sick. Every time we take him out, EVERY TIME without fail, he defecates and urinates within 10 minutes.

We always have to clean him up as we arrive at the vet.

So, I had to prepare. Usually, I would pack a cat-cleanup kit. It consists of anti-bacterial wipes, single-use gloves, rags, and an extra blanket.

My changes so far have eliminated the gloves and I was determined to do a test run on going without disposable wipes. (I hope this will be a future change)

So today’s kit included a reusable water bottle filled with water, gardening gloves, rags, a blanket, and two crates.

Everything went well! Of course, by the time we arrived, we had to clean him up. I poured water on the rags to act as wipes, I switched him to a clean crate and he was a good boy at the vet!

When we went home, I left the crates outside. Instead of disposable wipes, I put soap on a rag so I can clean up the crates. The rag and a good hose down did just as well as a wipe!

It’s possible! It wasn’t perfect (I used a grocery bag to put poop in to dispose of it. (Please let me know of low-cost trash bag options), but it was worth it!

So today’s change is to make my pet cleanups as zero waste as possible!

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