DAY 78 | Ignore the Deals

Ugh Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Early Black Friday, Extended Black Friday, etc

We are all being bombarded by ads and deals this time of year. And it sucks.

If you’ve already been on the market for something, these deals can save you a lot of money.

But other than that these deals entice people to buy things that go unused and are most likely thrown away.

Plus a lot of places sell cheaply made versions of products for Black Friday. And let’s not forget Planned obsolescence.

We’re in a time where companies actually make products to break in a planned amount of time.

So I am ignoring all the deals and I will be buying things when I actually need or want them and not when an ad tells me to.

I also do not trust the quality of the products that are being sold this time of year so I’m going to pass.

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