DAY 46 | Don’t Make Business Cards

I have a stack of business cards. The info is out of date. Now, I did choose Moo and got the cute mini business cards to save paper.

But we’re living at a time where we don’t really need business cards anymore. If I want to know information on a business, I’ll look it up on Google. If I need someone’s specific extension, it’s not hard to make a note of it on my phone.

You just don’t need them in this digital world. Who else has a whole stack of business cards in a drawer somewhere? Do you ever look at them?

Now for me, most of my business is done online. I don’t need to worry about business cards or keeping mine up to date. It was a waste of paper and money! I only handed a few out. Not worth it!

So my change today is taking “update business cards” off of my to do list.

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