Getting the Itch Again

I got the ‘itch’ a few weeks ago when Spring made an appearance. But, I ignored it and spent my free time binge reading books. My brain and sanity are thankful for this, but, my apartment isn’t so thankful, and it’s going back in the opposite direction.

After being away for the weekend, I came home to a mess. And, I have that ‘itch’ again. That feeling you get when something is bothering you to the point where it needs to be dealt with. An ‘irk’ if you will. Spring is here, and I need to get cleaning.

So, tonight my fiance and I are making the effort to get things straightened back up, do a load of laundry, some dishes, and pick up everything off the floor. Later this week, I’m going to go back to downsizing, organizing and then deep cleaning.

Lesson learned? When you get the ‘itch’ act on it the FIRST time, and your apartment will thank you. Here’s to Spring Cleaning!

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