DAY 14 | Keeping Bike Tires Properly Inflated

I’m a cyclist. I used to commute to work by bike, but I work from home now. This bike is my baby. It’s my car.

Now, riding a bike instead of driving is super green! But even bikes can produce waste. They have tires, inner tubes, and parts that need to be replaced.

I’m concerned over the tires and inner tubes. For one, I have no clue how to recycle these. And I know the inner tubes are some kind of plastic.

Keeping my bike maintained will reduced the amount of fixing it will need. And that means I can prolong things from ending up in a landfill.

So today’s change is to keep my bike’s tires properly inflated ALWAYS so I can prevent flats. If I get an unrepairable flat, then I will have to replace the inner tube. I want to prevent that.

Not only is my bike getting an air treatment, but my siblings’ bikes are too!

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