DAY 12 | Reusing Resealable Plastic Bags

I like the freezer. It helps keep food from spoiling and it helps save money.

For one, I LOVE smoothies. But frozen fruit is highway robbery. So I figured out that buying whole fruits and freezing them myself saves me a ton! However, it’s hard to freeze them without bags.

I don’t buy Ziplock bags and I’m not going to start buying freezer bags to stuff fruits and vegetables in the freezer. So I have reused the bags my frozen fruit comes in. But it’s not enough. So I did something naughty… I asked my mom for some gallon-sized ziplock bags she had on hand… I KNOW! UGH

But this cannot happen again. So today’s change is reusing the bags I already have in the freezer AND saving any and all resealable bags I come across.

For example, we had Aldi’s vegan meatballs and they come in a resealable bag. BOOM! I took it, and now I have a bag when I need one for fruits or veggies.

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