How to Work From Home

A lot of people are now working from home due to shutdowns. It’s crazy how it takes a virus for employers to finally consider remote options. The benefits of working from home are neverending, but I won’t get into those. This is for you if you’re confused or overwhelmed. You might have a hard transition … Read more

How to Travel Light

Traveling is awesome. Luggage is not. Join the minimalist revolution to keep your luggage as light as possible to save money and time. Then you can have more fun. You can save money by packing lighter because you will need less space. This translates to less luggage fees on planes, smaller rental cars and smaller … Read more

How to Drink More Water

Did you that the “8 Cups of Water Everday” rule was made up by a rando? This guy measured his own pee and sweat and the WHOLE WORLD just went along with his observation. I get it. No one else wanted to measure pee and sweat. But actually, we could get away with 4-7 cups … Read more

Get Laundry Done and Over With

I am a lazy person. I hate chores and will do whatever I can to make them go away. That’s why I love being a minimalist. It makes cleaning so much easier and quicker! A lazy person always takes the shortcut and minimalism was just the shortcut I needed to make chore bearable. Also alledgedly … Read more

DAY 170 | Sleeping Naked is Green

Well this is the end of the daily changes. Over the next few days, I’ll be doing stories to run through my challenge and give updates on each one! This challenge was inspired by Vanessa Farquharson. In 2007, she had Green as a Thistle as a blog. She did a green change every single day … Read more

DAY 169 | MISSION: No Electricity

I’m doing another mini-mission tomorrow! I’m going to go the full day without electricity. Except to work on my laptop, I will not be plugging anything in. I will not be turning anything on. If my phone dies, then it dies. I am going to read a book, go outside, clean my room, go through … Read more

DAY 168 | Mission: Plant-Based

Alright, it’s time to go full-on plant-based! Here’s the mission: a full-day of plant-based eating. Just foods that are from their natural form. No toxins or preservatives. Eating more plant-based is better for the environment. There’s less energy to make processed foods. There’s almost always less packaging with whole foods. And it’s healthier. Tomorrow it … Read more

DAY 166 | Dish Liquid Bar Soap

Going with the soap theme, we arrive at the last one! For now on, instead of using dish liquid that comes in plastic, I will be using bar soap. You can use a bamboo scrub brush with the bar soap and that would work well. I’m going to be turning the bar soaps into liquid. … Read more

DAY 165 | Handsoap Bars

We are heading into a bar soap theme! Today’s change is using bar soap for handwashing only. This is the easiest bar soap you can find in stores and most are packaged in paper. And honestly, they’re cheap too. Winning!!!